How I'm Going to Help You

Through a coalesce of tips, tools and hacks via regular blogs, infographics and videos . Reintention will equip you with the mindset, confidence and skills to reinvent yourself and be happier in an ever disrupted and uncertain world.

Be Educated. Feel Empowered. Execute Change

My Story - Who Am I?

Hi I’m Trinh; founder and author of Reintention. When I’m not enjoying Melbourne or twirling high up on aerial silks you’ll find me curious and learning from thought leaders on self-empowerment, philosophy, entrepreneurship and basically how to kick-ass at life.

As a former corporate citizen, I know what it feels like to be stuck. Starting off as my passion project, Reintention became my journey towards fulfilling my purpose. One of my greatest beliefs is that we gain the most in life by helping others.  I hope through Reintention, you feel empowered to embrace challenge and create change.