“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill


Reinvention is a journey that requires nurturing, much like how our bodies develop strength and muscle memory though repetitive physical activity.

Think marathon over sprint. Think small ripples to large waves.

Successful reinvention is a flow of planning, execution and experimentation concurrent with continuous learning.

What underpins these actions?


The Cambridge dictionary defines mindset as “a person’s opinions and way of thinking”. From a psychological perspective, mindset is the beliefs and values that dictate the way we frame, relate and respond (or react) to various situations.

Our mindset controls the way we see the world and therefore influences our actions. Thus the wrong mindset can make or break reinvention.

What mindset do we need to grow our reinvention muscle?


1. A mindset with purpose and vision

Knowing your purpose and having a clear vision of what you want and why, is important because:

  • It motivates you with a sense of fulfilment and reward,
  • You remain consistent and persistent;
  • You take pride and ownership over decisions and actions and
  • You bounce back from challenges and adversity

Your purpose should align to your ethos and value system. Why do you feel passionate about what you’re doing; whether building new value or creating change within yourself?

If you aren’t clear on your vision or purpose, don’t let it be an excuse to not start or give up. Entrepreneur James Altucher said “Forget purpose, the quest for a single purpose has ruined many lives”.

As you evolve, so may your purpose. Sometimes it’s not a matter of you finding it, but it finding you. Overcoming this hump involves not closing yourself off to opportunities and choosing to explore.

I previously mentioned that I’ve felt burdened by purpose and sometimes still do. It’s normal to.

Right now my purpose is to share knowledge I’ve obtained about reinvention in the best way I can, whilst finding new methods to reinvent myself.

Maintaining the mindset of creating value, enjoying what you do, hustling and continuous learning will lead you to achieving your purpose; perhaps even before you realise it.

2. A mindset that reinforces positive thinking

Carol Dweck’s growth mindset is one of the most well-known studies on how intelligence and personality can be learned. Having a growth mindset means you embrace change, persist with obstacles and learn from failure. This yields to greater achievement and success.

How do you keep a growth mindset? Practice. Studies on PTSD sufferers demonstrate the brain’s ability to rewire neurotransmitters and form new, positive connections and heal from trauma. This process is called neuroplasticity.

It is therefore possible to re-program your thinking to be more positive, responsive and growth mindset orientated.

Start small and incorporate changes into your life such as:

  1. Notice every time a negative thought appears in your head. Take a step back and substitute that negative thought with a positive one. Change the way you speak to yourself.
    • From “I can’t believe it takes me so many hours to write one single blog post” to “I’m dedicated to writing quality material and I’m seeing improvement”.
  1. Understand that you have bad thoughts/moments/days. Sometimes it’s not about shutting it out or ignoring it. Give attention to the negativity and let it pass.
    • For me, it’s understanding that I can’t control or influence every outcome in life. It’s challenging, but I constantly remind myself to do my best to trust in the process.
  1. Seek positive energy from others and elevating activities.
    • I exercise when I get stressed. As an extrovert I gain insight by talking and feel better by being with others. Nature is great also. Other times I seek solace.
  1. Experiments such as the “21 day no complaining experiment. Tim Ferriss wore a bracelet for 21 days and moved it between wrists every time he noticed himself complaining. The conscious movement in itself helped reduce complaining to the point where the bracelet was no longer required.

Once you’ve seen and felt the results of a positive mindset you will build momentum. Mindset hacking unfortunately is not one off and requires persistent exercise.

Continued reinforcement will normalise positivity as your default mindset. Establish a rhythm where you measure your positive mindset. Keep track of it through a log or your gratitude practice. Replicate and build on these experiences.


3. A mindset doesn’t just endure but embraces adversity

Adventure only happens to the adventurous

In my earlier post on overcoming fear, I spoke about the benefits of positive thinking and its correlation to increased motivation and happiness and decreased stress.

Many of us believe that suffering is required to succeed and that failure, hardship and loss ‘has to be endured’.

Uplift your thinking to support a growth mindset. See each event as an opportunity to learn. Catapult your reinvention by tackling adversity head on, feeling the discomfort and pushing past it.

The more you do this the better you become at it. This mindset is derived from within; the desire to break away from the status quo, help others and be the best version of you.

For me, my perfectionism held me back. I was afraid of failure because I generally “did not fail” in life. I’m gradually re-wiring my thinking by analysing “what is the worst that happens if I fail?” every time these thoughts arise.

4. A mindset of persistence, proactivity and reflectiveness

The mindset of persistence and proactivity interlocks with your purpose, thinking positively and embracing discomfort.

Persistence is not giving up at the onset of difficultly or failure. As Lean Startup author Eric Ries explains any course of action requires the decision to pivot; adjust your current course of action or persevere; sticking it out to review and measure results.

Regardless of where you are on your reinvention journey we all fail. You will get told ‘no’. Your product might flop. You might not get the job. You may feel isolated from unsuccessful reinvention conversations. This may happen multiple times.

It’s about sticking to your guns and working towards your vision.

With me persistence is not giving up Reintention when I didn’t immediately hit blog superstardom. Nor is it expecting that I will, but enjoying the process.

Proactivity self-driven action, and change orientated thinking aimed to maximise your output. It’s often going above and beyond. Proactivity means acting ‘now’. As ‘The Power of Now’ author Eckhart Tolle said “(…) the present moment is all you ever have“.

What other skills, networks and connections do you need to develop to pave your next step?

Embedding persistence and proactivity does involve regular reflective checkpoints.

How do you your reset your mind when things aren’t roses? What trigger points tell you that it’s time to pause and evaluate?

I’ve felt stuck professionally for about 12 months. I’m scared, and some days feel overwhelmed. Forwardly writing blogs, connecting with others, interviewing people, asking for help – all have helped me inch closer to personal disruption.

Tapping into resources and wanting to grow boosts my persistence and proactivity in alignment to my current purpose. Some days I do well, other days I don’t. I try my best to reset myself and focus on what I can influence, or what I’ve learnt from failures.

Mindset is a muscle that requires constant watering in reinvention.

Reintention rehash:

  • Take a step back and analyse your mindset? Are you driven by continuous learning and productivity? Or are you driven by fear and self-limiting beliefs?
  • To adopt a positive mindset for reinvention, do you have a clear vision or purpose? If you don’t what can you do to move you closer to finding out?
  • What small things can you start doing to reinforce more positive thinking into your life?
  • Do you have a persistent and proactive attitude towards things or do you give up /stop at the first sight of uncertainty or failure? Don’t let it dint your armour or phase you. How can you brush the dust off and soldier on?


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